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FB-EK Holden Nationals

The FB-EK Holden Car Club of New South Wales is hosting the 30th FB-EK Holden Nationals at Mudgee over the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, 8th and 9th June 2019.

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What are the Nationals?

The Nationals (also affectionately known as the "Nats") is the yearly gathering of all FB-EK enthusiasts from around Australia. It is the highlight of the FB-EK year and where you will find the most FB-EK's gathered together at the one place.

The first FB-EK Holden Nationals was held in 1990 at Wagga Wagga NSW.

Since then, each year the Nationals has been held across the mainland and Tasmania, and hosted in turn by the New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australian FB-EK Holden Car Clubs.

The Nationals cater to all enthusiasts of the FB-EK model Holden. From rusty originals to the restored showstoppers and from the one-owner preserved originals to the highly modified - we love them all.


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Check out Pics from past Nationals: Wangaratta, Bendigo, Yamba, Forbes.

What happens at the Nationals?

The Nationals always comprise of a sign-on, a Cruise around the hosting town and other attractions in the region, a public Show and Shine event and official dinners and presentations. It is a weekend focused on FB and EK Holdens but with a genuine social and family feel, where enthusiasts catch up with old friends and meet new people that share a passion for FB-EK Holdens.

Who can enter?

All owners of FB-EK Holdens are welcome to attend the Nationals event. You do not have to be in a FB-EK Holden Car Club or any club for that matter. As long as you own a FB or EK and have submitted your Entrants Form and paid the required Entry Fee you are eligible to enter.

Up to date information and further discussion about the 2019 Nationals can be found at the 2019 Nationals Forum.

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